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Homo sausage!
angmonster wrote in cat_men
Hey guys, I'm Joe from NZ. My daughter Cilla is the light of my life. Who needs a partner when you have a fuzzy kitty with cute feets?

The day I got her. She started out so small and innocent, I was totally sucked in.

She doesn't really hate me, I'm sure. I do talk at her a LOT though, and poke her nose.

I wish my flatmate would stop taking these photos, but Cilla is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute even when she has her butt in my face.

The standard view I get when I wake up in the morning.

Oh HAI! You wanted your shaving cream Daddy? well, TOO BAD.

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Keyute!! She looks like a cross between my cat Scout and my parents' cat Malkovich. I love tabbies.

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