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Big Fat Ugly Ginger Cat - Found

Not really to do with men, but it is to with cats, so I thought you might enjoy the hilarious found cat notice I just found on trademe, NZs premier auction site.

This cat turned up roughly 6 months ago amongst the ferals I feed in Kumeu and has not left. He is desexed around 5 years old (give or take) and closely resembles an obese Garfield. Hes really ugly and hideously overweight. He is obviously someone's lost and loved cat - or was callously dumped by some mofo.

One lady thought he was hers and took him home only to discover he was most definitely not her cat. She bought him back the next day after he destroyed her shower curtain and shat under her bed.

He is an outside cat and would not be comfortable (at first) with being inside. Dont think by that I mean hes going to hunt down rats from your stable either. Hes way too lazy and fat to hunt. Hes also a huge talker, very affectionate once he is used to you and loves a scratch.

He constantly goes into the trap I set (I am trying to trap, desex and release the ferals.) because hes stupid, loves food and is fat. Yes I have wormed him. Hes just fat and loves food, like some people do.

The last photo was taken on my steps when he first turned up. The first two are now so you can clearly see how much weight he has gained in 3 months.

If you know of anyone who has lost a big fat ginger cat or would like a big fat ginger outdoor cat, then please contact me ASAP.

Courtesy of leanne60 of West Auckland. I read all her other sold listings and she brings this air of hilarity to every auction, be it big or small.®ion=&district=

I kinda want this cat but I think my other cats wouldn't be pleased.
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Nyanko Burger

Uh, no

Casimira you may not sleep there.

What am I going to do? Kneeling at my desk is uncomfortable, but Cassy is so lovely.
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boy at seaside

Another video!

Since angmonster posted such a cute kitty video, I thought I'd post one of my own. Here's Casimira watching me lip sync Justin Bieber on youtube.

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